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An up-and-coming neighbourhood in Quebec City, Saint-Sauveur is now home to a handful for delicious restaurants and bars, as well as a boutique or two.

Le Fin Gourmet in Saint-Sauveur

A Tantalizing Meal at Le Fin Gourmet

I will remember the grilled morels and tarragon cream sauce from Le Fin Gourmet for the rest of my life. This restaurant in Saint-Sô is a can’t-miss.

Miyagi Bistro Thai and Sushi in Limoilou, Quebec City

Where to Eat Sushi in Quebec City

Are you wondering where to eat sushi in Quebec City? You’re in luck, there are quite a few to choose from! That being said, not all sushi restaurants are created…

Best Restaurants in Quebec City for Oysters

Where to Eat Oysters in Quebec City

Choosing where to eat oysters in Quebec City is not a challenging task, but it does make one incredibly hungry! Oysters are an aphrodisiac, and Quebec City is known as…

Best Restaurants in Quebec City

Best Restaurants in Quebec City

Choosing the best restaurants in Quebec City is challenging as the food scene in the city is continually evolving. Montreal may have more restaurants per capita, but Quebec City is,…