Miyagi Bistro Thai and Sushi in Limoilou, Quebec City

Where to Eat Sushi in Quebec City

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Pamela MacNaughtan

Are you wondering where to eat sushi in Quebec City? You’re in luck, there are quite a few to choose from! That being said, not all sushi restaurants are created equal, especially when it comes to delivery. Some sushi simply tastes better at the restaurant.

There is something refreshing and relaxing about it. Non-gluttonous (generally speaking) comfort food at its very best. Sushi can sometimes be mediocre, usually, it is good enough, but when it’s really good, OMG… it can delight the soul.

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) turned our world upside down, many restaurants turned to food takeaway and delivery models to stay open, rather than shut down completely. Fabulous for those of us who miss eating in restaurants, and get tired of cooking every meal at home. This is when I truly started my journey that is sushi in Quebec City.

here are some places to eat sushi in quebec city

miyagi bistro thai & sushi

Miyagi Thai & Sushi in Limoilou

I fell in love with the sushi at Miyagi earlier this year when I visited their restaurant earlier this year. I opted for a chef’s sushi combo, as well as a sushi pizza. The sushi was good, and the sushi pizza was even better! The crust is thin, crunchy, and a little chewy, and I found myself thinking about it for days afterward.

I was more adventurous with my delivery order, choosing a pizza, as well as a couple of different sushi rolls: New York, Basilic, and 19 May 2015. Basilic was okay, but the rest was delightful, and very filling (hello, sushi breakfast!).

The restaurant offers takeaway, as well as delivery, which can be done over the phone or through their website.

lgbtqia2s+ safe spaceneighbourhood: limoilou | 523, ave 3e | 418-614-4040 | bistromiyagi.com |

restaurant shogun

Sushi in Quebec City: Restaurant Shogun

Restaurant Shogun is one of those places which has been on my “restaurants to visit list” for a while now, so when they decided to remain open for takeaway, and delivery orders, I was eager to finally try their sushi.

As per usual, I got a little carried away and ordered 15 pcs of sushi (Shogun, New York, and Kamikaze), 2 imperial rolls, and a sushi pizza. The pizza was quite good. Almost as good as the one at Miyagi. The Shogun roll, with its soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo was the favourite.

This restaurant offers both takeaway and delivery, which is provided by UberEats. I try not to use Uber as they charge restaurants ridiculous fees, however, many restaurants do not have another way to offer food delivery. My advice, tip the driver well and order extra food. Leftovers can be a good thing, for everyone!

neighbourhood: saint-sauveur | 98, rue saint-vallier o. | 418-524-3274 | restaurantshogunquebec.ca

sushi shop

The Sushi Shop started at Marché Atwater in Montreal in 2000, and today there are around 150 restaurants located across Canada. Over a dozen of which are in the Quebec City area. The menu is impressive and includes not only sushi pizza, but sushi tacos, atomik rolls. sushi burritos, and temari.

If they had everything available when I placed my order, I would have ordered one of everything and eaten sushi until I turned into a maki roll! Their smoked salmon sushi pizza was alright. The Maki Ebi, and Blossom Orange Velvet rolls were much better, and the karaage chicken was quite tasty too. I’m just sad that the tacos were sold out!

The restaurant offers takeaway, as well as delivery, which is offered through UberEats, Skip the Dishes, and Doordash.

lgbtqia2s+ safe spacewhere: visit their website for order locations: sushishop.com

These Sushi Restaurants Are Good Too

Restaurant Tokyo | 401, rue Saint-Jean | 418-522-7571 | restauranttokyo.ca | minority-owned
Masaru Sushi | 46, rue Garneau | 581-741-3600 | masarusushi.com (temporarily closed)
Nicky Sushi | 311, chemin de la Canardière | 418-845-8484 | nickysushi.com