Best Restaurants in Quebec City

Best Restaurants in Québec City [2021]

Last Updated on July 16, 2021 by Pamela

Choosing the best restaurants in Québec City is challenging as the food scene in the city is continually evolving. Montréal may have more restaurants per capita, but Québec City is, in my opinion, one of the best food cities in Canada.

There, I said it.

After all, the best new restaurants in Canada, as chosen by the public and eRoute Magazine, have featured Québec City in 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014,

When I sat down to share the best restaurants in Québec City for 2021, I decided to feature the restaurants I truly love, the ones I constantly recommend to visiting friends and family. Some are Québec City staples, others are new and exciting and scrumptious.

Every restaurant in this post serves up mouth-watering dishes that will have you planning a return trip to Québec City. I focused on the food, obviously, but polite staff and a great atmosphere also play a role when I choose places to recommend. This is why in this post you’ll find a mixture of places to eat in Québec City, from diners to fine dining.

Are you ready to discover some of the must try restaurants in Québec City?

Here are my picks for the BEST Restaurants in Québec City, for 2021!

Note: This list was originally published for 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has changed the way we are experiencing Québec City food, the restaurants below remain some of the best in the city. During lockdowns, these restaurants have managed to stay open, offering takeaway that is almost as delicious as dining in!

Patente et Machin

Patente et Machin in Saint-Sauveur

A local favourite, Patente et Machin may be a small restaurant, but it packs a culinary punch like no other. The restaurant, with its exposed brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, and eclectic décor is known for its warm atmosphere, and impressive wine list.

Led by a passionate team, the cuisine is French, and the menu changes regularly. The menu at Patente et Machin uses fresh locally sourced ingredients, like many of the restaurants on this list. The sweetbreads, when on the menu, come highly recommended. Each dish that leaves the kitchen is artfully prepared with delicate layers of flavour and pops of colour.

Price: mains range in price from $14–$40 CAD.

Neighbourhood: Saint-Sauveur | 82, rue Saint-Joseph Ouest | 581-981-3999 | Open: Tue–Fri 11:30am–1:30pm & 5pm–10pm, Fri–Sat 5pm–10pm


Arvi restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Quebec City

Voted as the number one best new restaurant in Canada in 2019 by enRoute Magazine, Arvi is officially one of the hottest restaurants in the city. Located in the neighbourhood of Limoilou, Arvi has a rustic-chic vibe, with exposed brick and concrete walls, marble tabletops, and navy blue banquette seats.

An open kitchen concept allows diners to enjoy the beauty of watching passionate chefs prepare exquisite cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Arvi is one of the few restaurants in Québec City offering just a tasting menu, along with a couple of add-ons such as oysters. A vegetarian tasting menu is also available, and just as delicious as their regular tasting menu! A wine pairing experience is highly recommended to elevate your dining experience further.

Price: Tasting menu is $70 CAD per person.

Neighbourhood: Limoilou | 519, Ave 3ème | 581-742-4202 | Open: Tue–Sat 6pm–10pm


Battuto, a delicious Italian restaurant in Saint-Roch.

Don’t let this small Italian restaurant on a quiet corner of Boulevard Langelier fool you, it is not only one of the best restaurants in Québec City but in Canada as well. The ambience is fresh and relaxing, with plenty of light, an open kitchen, and limited seating. One of the most popular restaurants in the city, tables are generally booked one-two months in advance, so plan ahead!

Led by Guillaume St-Pierre, the menu at Battuto features the best of Québec terroir, creating dishes that are flavourful, creative, and well-balanced. Begin with a couple of aperitivo dishes, then move onto antipasti, followed by freshly-made pasta. Finishing with a sweet dolci is always a good idea.

Price: Antipasti range from $14–$18, Pasta ranges from $20–$25

Neighbourhood: Saint-Roch | 527, Boul Langelier | 418-614-4414 | Open: Tue–Sat 5:30pm–10pm

La Planque

La Planque restaurant in Limoilou, Quebec City

A popular restaurant in Limoilou for many years now, La Planque is led by chef Olivier Godbout of Les Chef fame. The restaurant is warm and rich, with plush blue banquette seats, dark woods, and art deco accents. Choose to sit near the open kitchen, the mezzanine or bar area. Each one has a slightly different vibe.

La Planque’s menu features gourmet Canadian cuisine. Dishes feature fresh locally sourced ingredients, creating a marriage of flavours and textures. The foie gras or arctic char is always a good choice. The Québec lamb can be quite good as well. Of course, oysters are always a good choice!

Price: Mains range from $25–$57 CAD

Neighbourhood: Limoilou | 1027, Ave 3e | 418-914-8780 | Open: Tue–Sat 5:30pm–10pm

L’Affaire est Ketchup

L'Affaire est Ketchup in Saint-Roch, Quebec

A micro-restaurant in the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch, L’Affaire est Ketchup has been a local hotspot for a number of years. The restaurant’s decor is as funky and eclectic as the chefs themselves. While joining the lively locals at the tables in the front of house, the best action is found at the bar with its view of the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Written on a chalkboard, the menu at l’Affaire est Ketchup changes with the seasons and the mood of the chefs. The cuisine is French, and the dishes are hearty and a party for the mouth. Put yourself into the hands of the chefs and you are sure to have a memorable dining experience.

Price: Mains range from $18–$35 CAD

Neighbourhood: Saint-Roch | 46, rue Saint-Joseph Est | 418-529-9020 | Open: Tue–Sun 6pm–11pm

Buvette Scott

Buvette Scott in Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec City

A local favourite, Buvette Scott is one of a handful of micro-restaurants in Québec City which consistently serve food that is not only visually pleasing but delicious as well. The restaurant itself is unpretentious, with diner-style tables and chalkboard menus hanging on the walls. The ambience is relaxed, with charming waitstaff ready to guide you through an evening filled with good wine and even better food.

The menu, which changes regularly, highlights Québec terroir. Dishes are creative and abounding with a mixture of deep and delicate flavours. If you’re dining with friends, order a few dishes and eat family style. Honestly, Buvette Scott hits a home run almost every time.

Neighbourhood: Saint-Jean-Baptiste | 821 rue Saint-Jean | 581-741-4464 | Open:Mon–Sat 4:30pm–11pm

Tapas & Liège

Tapas & Liège in Sillery, Quebec City

A striking restaurant on Avenue Maguire in Sillery, this tapas restaurant has been one of the best restaurants in Québec City since it opened its doors. Tapas et Liège’s décor is sophisticated and fun, with beige leather button-back banquettes, a fun cork wall, and large windows. A large bar sits in the centre with green wine bottles hanging from the ceiling.

Led by chef Alexandra Romero, Tapas et Liège is open for both lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is prix fixe, but the dinner menu is where the restaurant truly shines. Bring friends and choose several small plates; burrata is highly recommended, the crevette adobo, mahi-mahi, and hummus with lime and jalapeno are also quite good.

Price: Tapas range in price from $4–$25

Neighbourhood: Sillery |1297, Ave Maguire | 418-653-2727 | Open: Tue–Wed 11:30am–11pm, Thur–Fri 11:30am–12am, Sat 5pm–12am, Sun 5pm–11pm

Chez Boulay

Chez Boulay in Old Quebec City

Tucked neatly into the neighbourhood of Vieux-Québec, Chez Boulay is a posh unpretentious bistro on rue Saint-Jean. Owned by chef Jean-Luc Boulay (Le Saint-Amour) and Arnaud Marchand. Bright and sophisticated, the restaurant offers tables towards the front and more intimate banquette seating towards the back. One of my favourite Old Québec City restaurants.

The menu at Chez Boulay features boréal cuisine, which focuses on wild game, berries, root vegetables, and herbs. Using Québec cultivated ingredients, the dishes are hearty and packed with flavour. The braised beef cheek is excellent, as is the poached Atlantic cod. A handful of vegetarian dishes are also on offer. A lovely spot for supper or lunch in Québec City

Price: Mains range from $25–$35 CAD

Neighbourhood: Old Québec (Vieux-Québec) | 1110, rue Saint-Jean | 418-380-8166 | Open: Mon–Fri 11:30am–10pm, Sat–Sun 10am–10pm

Restaurant Ophelia

Restaurant Ophelia, on Grande Allée

A stunning restaurant on Montcalm’s vibrant Grande-Allée, Restaurant Ophelia has a white tiled bar with a marble top, exposed brick and stone walls, and a variety of banquette seating. The atmosphere is sophisticated and fun.

Ophelia’s menu is a seafood lover’s dream. The mains feature dishes such as mussels & frites, boudin noir with scallops, and grilled octopus & pork flank. The starters are a little smaller and perfect for sampling everything from octopus carpaccio and clam chowder to bluefin tuna tartare.

Price: Mains range from $21–$42 CAD

Neighbourhood: Montcalm | 634, Grande Allée Est | 418-524-8228 | Open: daily 11:30am–10:30pm

**All prices in this article (and on this website) are in Canadian Dollars (CAD. **