quartier petit-champlain in quebec city

Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City is one of the most romantic, and oldest, streets in Canada. Flanked by historic buildings dating back to the 17th century, this narrow cobblestone shopping street is one of the most popular destinations in Old Quebec City.

In winter, Petit-Champlain is transformed into a winter wonderland, a living Christmas card. In spring, summer, and autumn it is full of life and colour. Watch local musicians perform. Sit on a patio and dine on French or Québécois cuisine. Shop in locally owned boutiques with unique Quebec-made souvenirs.

things to see + do in petit-champlain

Walking down rue Petit-Champlain, one of the oldest shopping streets in Quebec City!

escalier casse-cou
(breakneck steps)

historic attraction • rue du petit-champlain & côte de la montagne

The oldest stairs in Quebec City, Escalier Casse-Cou, also known as the Breakneck Steps, is probably one of the most photographed staircases as well. The first set of stairs built in this location was in the late 17th-Century, linking Lower Town with Upper Town on the top of Cap Diamant. Today, the stairs are much safer, and the perfect way to travel down to Petit-Champlain from Upper Town (Haute-Ville).


16, rue du petit-champlain • cost: $4 CAD per ride

The original funiculaire was built in 1879 with cabins that scaled the escarpment with a counterweight water system and steam power. Riding the funiculaire is a fun way to get from Petit-Champlain to Old Quebec and offers wonderful views of both Petit-Champlain and the Saint-Lawrence River.

Riding the Funicular in Quebec City

Riding the funicular in Quebec City is the fastest way to travel from the top of Cap Diamant (where Château Frontenac is located) to Petit-Champlain and Place-Royale down below.

Ride the Funiculaire in Quebec City

ghost tours of quebec

walking tour • 94, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-9770 • duration: 1 HR 30

Language: French & English • Take a lantern-lit night tour through Old Quebec (Vieux-Québec) with a costumed guide and hear about murders, executions, and ghostly tragedies that have taken place during Quebec’s 400+ year history.

maison louis-jolliet

historic site • 16, rue du petit-champlain (funicular)

Built in 1683, this historic house was the home of Louis Jolliet, a French-Canadian explorer and fur trader who, along with Jacques Marquette (a Jesuit Missionary), mapped the Mississippi River in 1673. Louis Jolliet lived in the house until his death in 1700. Today the home is the entrance to the Funiculaire in Petit-Champlain.

quebec coty – levis ferry

ferry • 10, rue des traversiers • 1-877-787-7483 ext 2 • cost: $3.65 CAD

Making the 1km journey from Quebec City to Lévis takes about 10 mins, and offers a beautiful view of Quebec City’s skyline — worth the 20-minute round-trip ferry ride. No matter what time of year you visit Quebec City, make time to ride the ferry to Lévis and enjoy the Quebec City skyline.

théâtre petit-champlain

theatre • 68, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-2631

Originally a theatre house, Théâtre Petit-Champlain has also become music and comedic venue over the years. A great way to experience local talent, and enjoy a night out in Quebec City. You may notice people posing beside their purple side door (which leads to their garbage room), which was featured in the Korean series Goblin, The Lonely and Great God.

food + drink

bistro sous le fort

french • $$ – $$$ • 48, rue sous-le-fort • 418-694-0852

Bistro Sous le Fort is a small bistro in Quartier Petit-Champlain with exposed stone walls and slightly modern furniture. The menu is French-inspired and changes regularly. A delightful little escape from a busy day of wandering and shopping.

le cochon dingue

french bistro • $$ • 46, boulevard champlain • 418-692-2013

One of four locations in Quebec, Le Cochon Dingue is a Paris-style bistro. The menu is varied: steak frites, poutine, croque monsieur, bacon and cheese crème brûlée, and so on. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the location is fantastic.

le lapin sauté

french • $$ – $$$ • 52, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-5325

A favourite among locals and visitors, Le Lapin Sauté specializes in rabbit but also features duck, lamb, salmon, and cheese. The restaurant is small and cozy, with a fire crackling in the fireplace in winter, and plenty of patio seating available in summer.

where to find the best french onion soup in old quebec city

Bubbling crispy cheese with little pools of grease draped over a bowl, concealing bread, onions, and a savoury broth that makes your heart sing. Onion soup, done right, is so damn good!

Finding the Best French Onion Soup in Quebec City

mary’s popcorn shop

gourmet popcorn • $-$$ • 56, côte de la montagne • 418-914-9121

Perfectly located at the top of the breakneck stairs, the sweet smells come from Mary’s Popcorn Shop are absolutely sinful. Stop in to pick up a little bag to snack on while exploring. Their Québécois mix is interesting. They also have a Chicago mix, buttery caramel, and more!

q-de-sac resto-pub

resto-bar • $-$$ • 10, rue du cul-de-sac

A welcome addition to Petit-Champlain, Q-De-Sac Resto-Pub is a small pub tucked down rue du Cul-de-Sac, near Le Pape Georges. The food is traditional pub fare with a gourmet Québécois twist; like poutine made with bacon and foie gras. A large patio is set-up in spring and taken down at the end of Autumn. A lively place to hang out. Their French onion soup is amazing!

queues de castor pâtisseries

beavertails • $ • 28, boulevard champlain

A classic Canadian dessert; whole-wheat dough stretched into the shape of a Beavertail, then deep-fried in canola or soy oil and topped with everything from cinnamon and sugar to Nutella. After you’ve tasted one, you’ll be addicted!

resto le casse cou

burgers & sandwiches • $ • 90, rue du petit-champlain • 418-694-121

This bright yellow restaurant sells quick easy meals like burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. A good option when you’re hungry, in a hurry and looking for cheap, fast, food.


italian • $$ • 24, boulevard champlain • 418-694-0303

One of two locations in Old Quebec City, Sapristi is a trendy Italian restaurant with a large outdoor patio in summer. The restaurant itself is small, however, there is seating on two levels. The menu features pasta and pizzas, as well as tartare, and other yummy Italian eats.


One of the oldest shopping streets in North America, Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City is overflowing with boutiques selling everything from clothing to art to jewellery to toys to maple syrup to kitchen gadgets. Skip the kitschy souvenir shops and take home a unique gift from Quebec City.


shoes • 85, rue du petit-champlain • 418-914-9933

Originally crafted by Huron Native Americans, Amimoc makes stunning moccasins and mukluks. Amimoc is also known for its comfortable boots (some have a slight Doc Marten look to them) and leather accessories.

atelier la pomme

clothing • 47, rue sous-le-fort • 418-692-2875

A women’s clothing boutique, Atelier La Pomme has been a part of Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City for over 40 years. Shop for leather clothing by Huguette Fecteau, Clothing by designers such as Myco Anna, Dinh Ba, and Eve Lavoie.

boutik art denis nicolas

sculptures • 48, rue du petit-champlain • 418-914-6873

Quebec artist, Denis Nicolas, is known for his exquisite stone sculptures, an art he learned from his father. Pieces are typically made of Onyx, Agathe, or Amethyst. Sculptures of wildlife are quite prominent in the boutique. He also creates beautiful jewellery pieces.

charlevoix pure laine

wool clothing • 61 ½, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-7272

A charming boutique on Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City, Charlevoix Pure Laine crafts high-quality socks, toques, and clothing. Items are crafted using wool from a sheep farm in Charlevoix, which is about 45-minutes from Old Quebec City.

la fudgerie

fudge shop • 16, rue du cul-de-sac • 418-692-3834

A favourite among those with a serious sweet-tooth, La Fudgerie is known for their homemade chocolates, nougats, and fudge — they sell over 80 different varieties. In winter, they also serve some delightful cups of chocolat chaud, including a belly-warming spicy choccolat chaud.

la petite cabane à sucre

maple treats • 94, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-5875

The best maple shops on Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City, this small boutique sells all things maple. Choose from high-quality locally made maple syrup to lollipops to cream to tea to icewine, and more!

le blanc mouton

clothing • 51, rue sous-le-fort • 418-692-2880

Opened in 1989, Le Blanc Mouton features handwoven mohair clothing for women created by Nicole Vincent and Pierre Dugré. The boutique is now run by their daughter and carries designers whose values are similar to those of the owners. A perfect spot for locally made clothing.

le capitaine d’à bord

clothing • 63, rue du petit-champlain • 418-694-0624

A nautical and luxury sportswear boutique on Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City, the shop sells both men’s and women’s fashion. Represented clothing lines include Peter & Shark, Meyer, and Armor-Lux.

madame gigi confiserie

chocolatier • 84, rue du petit-champlain • 418-694-2269

A small chocolatier on Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City specializing in Belgian chocolate, chocolate pizza, macarons, and fudge. Although the shop is small, there are a few tables and chairs if you want to sit down and take a rest from shopping.

les ptits mosüs

children’s boutique • 88 1/2, rue du petit-champlain • 418-914-5838

A cute clothing boutique for children, Les Ptits Mosüs also carries accessories and adorable decorations for a child’s room. A bright and trendy boutique for fashionable children.

sculpteur flamand

wood sculptor • 49, rue du petit-champlain • 418-692-2813

Alain Flamand is a master sculptor whose shop has been a part of Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City since 1981. Mr. Flamand’s sculptures are on display throughout the shops four floors and a guided tour is available for those who would like to learn more.


pub des borgia

pub • $ • 12, rue du petit-champlain • 581-300-9176

Perfectly situated at the top of Petit-Champlain street in Quebec City, Borgia is a friendly pub with plenty of seating and an outdoor patio in summer. Sip on local craft beers, cocktails, and wine. Nibble on pub fare, such as nachos and pizza. Their French onion soup is quite good as well.

le pape georges

pub • $-$$ • 8 1/2, rue du cul-de-sac

A quaint bistro-bar in Petit-Champlain, Le Pape Georges has been renovated to include an extended bar and cosy leather bar chairs. The bistro-bar has live music, and a small but delicious menu is available. A patio is set up in summer with views of the art installations on rue Cul-de-Sac.

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