Lobster Roll at Casse-Croute Chez Mag on Ile d'Orleans

The Best Lobster Rolls Are At Chez Mag!

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Pamela MacNaughtan

When thinking of lobster rolls on Ile d’Orleans, one place has always come to mind, but now that has all changed. Now I only have eyes for Casse-Croûte Chez Mag.

There are other lobster rolls on the island, of course, but the buns are dry and the dressing on the lobster is a bit runny. And, well, they are a little disappointing. I don’t want to throw shade at my previous go-to spot for lobster rolls on Ile d’Orleans. Their menu is quite good. But, over the last year or so the quality of their lobster rolls has declined a bit.

Chez Mag, however, is a beacon of foodie hope, and as they open for the season you can expect to see line-ups almost every day. It is 100% worth the wait.

casse-croûte chez mag

Casse-Croûte Chez Mag on Ile d'Orleans
Outdoor seating at Casse-Croûte Chez Mag

A small white snack shack (casse-croûte) with red trim, Chez Mag is located in the community of Ste-Famille on Ile d’Orleans. A popular stop with locals and tourists alike, Chez Mag’s regular menu has fried chicken, burgers (including a vegan option), hot dogs, poutines (hello, RIP Poutine) and sandwiches.

It is their special menu, however, that has me weak in the knees. Because LOBSTER ROLLS!

succulent buttery lobster rolls

Succulent lobster roll from Casse-Croûte Chez Mag on Ile d'Orleans

When it comes to lobster rolls, I am a snob. I have zero shame in admitting this. I’ve eaten lobster rolls where the bun was mostly salad (sometimes runny) with a hint of lobster on top.

Sure, those lobster rolls are usually around $10, but still.

Actually, I recently had a $10 lobster roll in Côte Nord where the bun was filled with lobster meat, but it tasted dry and lacked flavour. It was bad. My tastebuds cried a thousand tears.

This, however, is not the case at Casse-Croute Chez Mag on Ile d’Orleans.

For $26.95 my lobster roll came with a little garlicky salad which was mild in flavour, and not runny, with a generous portion of chunky butter-soaked lobster meat.

The bun was soft and subtle, the perfect vessel, and the fries were damn good too!

It was a two-hand kind of roll. Which is everything you want from a lobster roll on a warm sunny day!

The Lobster Poutine or perhaps the RIP Poutine is on my list for my next visit….

Bwahahahaha… who am I kidding?! I’ll be ordering another lobster roll and then spending the rest of my day wishing I could marry it – or someone who can provide me with succulent buttery lobster rolls on demand.

eat at chez mag!

When you reach the stoplights on Ile d’Orleans, turn left and follow chemin Royal to Sainte-Famille. Casse-Croûte Chez Mag is located on the right, close to Pub le Mitan. Don’t speak French? No worries, they speak English and they are absolutely lovely!!

where: sainte-famille • 2460, chemin royal • facebook

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