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Mmmm… burgers. If you’re a carnivore, there is a chance you’re a burger addict as well. Thankfully, we are also burger addicts and love to share our favourite spots in Quebec City and Montreal.

Double Trouble smashburger from Holy Burgers in Quebec City

Devour Smashburgers at Holy Burgers

Smashburgers have arrived in Québec City, and I, a burger addict, am over the moon with joy. To clarify, I’m not talking about the American burger chain, SmashBurger. They do…

BBQ at L'Orygine Bistro in Place Royale

Indulge in Delicious BBQ at l’Orygine!

Update: This dining experience is no longer offered From the comforts of my apartment in Place-Royale, which faces Côte de la Montagne, the smell of BBQ wafts through my open…

Lobster Roll at Casse-Croute Chez Mag on Ile d'Orleans

The Best Lobster Rolls Are At Chez Mag!

When thinking of lobster rolls on Ile d’Orleans, one place has always come to mind, but now that has all changed. Now I only have eyes for Casse-Croûte Chez Mag….

Restaurants in Old Quebec

20+ Great Restaurants in Old Quebec City

What are the best restaurants in old town Quebec City? There are over 100 restaurants in the Old Quebec, here are some of the best ones, no matter your budget!