Don't Miss These Museums in Quebec City

5 Not-to-Miss Quebec City Museums

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Pamela MacNaughtan

Quebec City museums can be found throughout the Historic District of Old Quebec, as well as neighbourhoods like Montcalm and Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Some are small and intimate, while others are large and feature special exhibits throughout the year.

Whether you’re interested in religion, history, art, culture, the military, or food, there is a Quebec City museum for you to visit and enjoy.

here are 5 quebec city museums worth visiting, no matter the time of year, or the weather!

musée de la civilisation (museum of civilization)

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neighbourhood: Vieux-Port – One of the best Quebec City museums, the Musée de la Civilization is located in Vieux-Port near the Saint-Lawrence River and the Quebec City cruise port.

The permanent exhibits include ‘People of Quebec… then and now‘, a fascinating dive into Quebec City’s history and culture. An equally important exhibit, ‘This is Our Story‘ delves into the history of the Indigenous peoples who made Kébec home long before Jacques Cartier found his way here in 1535.

Special exhibits range in genre from famous artists to entomology, human history, costumes, and more. A variety of activities are available throughout the year, perfect for keeping children entertained and engaged.

where: 170, rue dalhousie • vieux-port • 418-694-5387 • open: jun-sep, daily 10h – 17h; rest of the year posted on their website • price: $17 adults

musée national des beaux-arts du québec

neighbourhood: Montcalm – A stunning art museum a short walk from Old Quebec City (about 10 mins), Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) is comprised of four pavilions. The main pavilion is spacious with a restaurant run by chef Marie-Chantal Lepage and acts as the entrance for the museum. Branching to the right is the Géard Morisset Pavilion which houses the museum’s historic art collections.

To the left of the main entrance, visit the Charles Baillairgé Pavilion to admire the modern art collections and exhibits, for contemporary art wander over to the stunning Pierre Lassonde Pavilion. The museum offers a variety of concerts, workshops and activities, to find out more, visit their website.

where: 179, grand allée ouest • montcalm • 418-643-2150 • open: jun-sep, daily 10h – 17h; rest of the year closed on mondays • price: $22 adults

musée de l’amérique francophone (museum of french-america)

neighbourhood: Old Quebec City (Vieux-Quebec) – Located steps away from Basilica Notre-Dame de Québec and Séminaire de Québec, this small museum is a must for anyone wishing to learn more about Québec’s culture, as well as its religious history.

Visit the chapel of Séminaire de Québec (only accessible through the museum) to admire religious relics. Wander through exhibits on Francophone culture in North America, and admire arts and handicrafts.

where: 2, côte de la fabrique • old quebec (vieux-québec) • 418-643-2158

musée du fort

neighbourhood: Old Quebec City (Vieux-Quebec) – Not far from Dufferin Terrace and Château Frontenac, Musée du Fort is a small museum focused on Quebec’s military history.

A 30-minute sound and light show will walk you through the various sieges (there are six in total) which have shaped the city, as well as the province and beyond. The museum also houses an impressive 400 ft sq model of Quebec (then known as New France) in 1750.

Perfect for lovers of military history.

where: 10, sainte-anne • old quebec (vieux-québec) • 418-692-2175 • open: may-nov, daily 10h – 17h; rest of the year daily 11h-16h • price: $8.50 adults

monastère des augustines

neighbourhood: Old Quebec City (Vieux-Quebec) – When the Augustine sisters arrived from France it was 1639. On a mission to care for the spiritual and medical needs of the colonists, the Augustines established the first hospital, known today as Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.

For over 375 years, the Augustine sisters have served the residents of Quebec. Le Monastère des Augustines, which is attached to the hospital, has been home to the sisters who have served, and continue to serve. While they are no longer performing medical procedures, the Augustine sisters continue to visit patients in the hospital, caring for their spiritual needs.

Today, Le Monastère des Augustines is a wellness retreat and auberge and houses an extensive archive dating back to the 17th century. It also features a beautiful museum that walks you through the history of the Augustines in New France. Learn a little about the order, as well as their medical education and triumphs, the apothecary, and how these amazing women helped shape the healthcare system in Quebec.

where: 77, rue des remparts • old quebec (vieux-québec) • 418-694-1639 • open: daiy 10h-17h • price: $10.50 adults, $15 for guided tours