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epicurean delights at jacobsons in ottawa

Jacobsons in Ottawa is a delightfully bougie food shop in the Vanier neighbourhood where you can channel your inner Ina Garten. It’s dangerously delicious.

Last Updated on March 4, 2023 by MacNaughtan

Jacobsons in Ottawa is a delightfully bougie food shop in the Vanier neighbourhood. A family-run shop where one can channel their inner Ina Garten, and debate about the advantages of hoarding gourmet foodstuffs.

From the moment I walk through the door, my heart starts to swoon and my tastebuds dance with anticipation. The cheese wall is the best place to start. It’s filled with heritage cheeses from France and Britain, classic Canadian cheeses, as well as tantalizing cheeses from around the world.

Cheese wall inside Jacobsons in Ottawa, Ontario

Indulge in cheese like Via Mala Bio (Switzerland), Truffo (France), Picobello (Netherlands), and Celtic Blue (Canada). Honestly, their luscious cheese wall is one of the main reasons I shop here when I visit Ottawa, quickly followed by Scottish shortbread from the Shortbread House of Edinburgh. Original, with warming ginger stems, or rich dark chocolate, it doesn’t matter, they’re all tasty.

There are shelves filled with lemon curd and jams, bougie teas, bottles of fruity vinegar, olive oils, fancy crackers, and savoury snacks. A tantalizing mixture of Canadian and European brands. Hello, truffle potato chips…?

The display case of cakes, pastries, and tarts is my second stop, after the cheese wall. I cannot resist a buttery croissants, butter tarts, and citron tarts. Of course, there are also cocktail mixers, kitchen gadgets, dishes, linens, and candles – making it a challenge to keep money in my bank account!

The Jacobsons website is a good place to start your shopping journey. There are quite a few items available for purchase online, which can be shipped throughout Canada. Not the cheese though, I already checked and cried over that. LOL

Personally, I’m looking forward to returning to Jacobsons on my next eating expedition in Ottawa! I’m always in need of hotel snacks.

Shelves stocked with gourmet snacks at Jacobsons in Ottawa
Delicious truffle potato chips
Shopping my way through Jacobsons in Ottawa
Bottles of fruity vinegar
The best Scottish shortbread ... OMG, I need more, stat!

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women-owned + lgbtqia2s+ safe spacewhere: 103 beechwood avenue • neighbourhood: vanier • 103 Beechwood Avenue • 613-746-6002 • jacobsons.canote: parking is limited (2), so you will need to park on a quiet street nearby