Our Favourite Patisseries in Montréal

Have a sweet tooth? Here are a couple of our favourite patisseries in Montreal to tempt you!

Last Updated on January 16, 2021 by Pamela

Patisseries in Montréal are next-level delicious. It is not a surprise. Montréal is a cosmopolitan city known for its trendy cafés, gourmet food scene, street art, museums, and shopping. It’s a popular day-trip from Québec City, one where we normally pick a neighbourhood or three to explore because the city is too big to experience in a single day.

Of course, I sometimes travel based on a single theme like, “hmmm… I wonder if I can spend the day eating at every patisserie in Montréal, and then maybe, like, visit a museum or art gallery or something”.

Yes, my day trips often end up being about food in one way or another…

There are quite a few delicious patisseries in Montréal, here are a couple of my favourites!

Rustique Pie Kitchen

Rustique Pie Kitchen in the Saint-Henri neighbourhood in Montreal

Neighbourhood: Saint-Henri

A tiny shop on rue Notre-Dame Ouest, we were introduced to Rustique Pie Kitchen by a local foodie, who shares our love of all things made with pastry; and other sweet treats. Pies, tarts, homemade marshmallows, croissants… this bakery café has been our private refuge for the past two years, but now we think it is time to share this gem with all of you. Go. Buy some tarts, or an entire pie, and do not feel ashamed when you eat everything in one sitting; without sharing!

4615, rue Notre-Dame Ouest | website | 514.439.5970

Bar à Beurre

Delicious boules de beurre from Bar à Beurre, a superb patisserie in Old Montreal

Neighbourhood: Old Montréal (Vieux-Montréal)

When we stumbled upon Bar à Beurre on the edges of Old Montréal, our taste buds jumped for joy. A tiny patisserie on rue Notre-Dame Est, this neighbourhood gem is famous for its Boules de Beurre; two dense moist cookies rolled in sugar sandwiched together with pastry cream. An Italian recipe brought to Canada by the owner’s mother, Maria.

While the Nonna Maria is the signature Boules de Beurre, we are big fans of Nonno Carlo, which features a cannoli filling. So good!

348, rue Notre-Dame Est | website | 514.875.0707

Maison Christian Faure

Sweet treats at Christian Faure, a popular patisserie in Montreal

Neighbourhood: Old-Montréal

A parlour and pâtisserie in Old Montréal, Maison Christian Faure is one of our guilty pleasures; and our favourite escape when we’re in Old Montréal and need decadent chocolat chaud and a little sweet treat. Walking into Maison Christian Faure is like walking into a pâtisserie in Paris; bright, clean, and filled with colourful macarons, tarts, cakes, and other little sweet treats. It’s difficult to leave without some macarons to snack on later. You know, in bed.

355, Place-Royale | website | 514.508.6453

Pâtisserie Rhubarbe

A charming a delicious patisserie in Mile-End, Montreal... YUM!

Neighbourhood: Le Plateau

We love little patisseries in Montréal that are tucked away on fairly quiet residential streets. There is something magical about walking through the door, ordering some sweet treats, and sitting by the window, enjoying a little serenity. Sigh. We need to go to Pâtisserie Rhubarbe right now for a Choco-Poire. Maybe Étagé Pamplemousse. The chocolat chaud is pretty good as well.

1479, Avenue Laurier Est | website | 514.316.2935


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