The Best Hot Chocolate in Québec City

Best Hot Chocolate in Quebec City

Last Updated on January 17, 2021 by Pamela

Finding the best hot chocolate in Québec City is a constant goal. Let’s face it, hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) is LIFE, especially the really good stuff. And no, we are not talking about the stuff you buy from Tim Horton’s, Mc Donalds (gasp!), or Starbucks.

The best hot chocolate in Québec City is made from real chocolate and steamed milk or cream. It’s rich and delicious, belly-warming, and tastebud pleasing. It’s lovely on its own, and superb when paired with a cheese platter filled with a variety of Québec cheese.

Here are our picks for the BEST hot chocolate in Québec City!

Bar Artefact at Auberge Saint-Antoine

Hot Chocolate at Bar Artefact in Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City.

Each year, Bar Artefact at Auberge Saint-Antoine tops the list for the best hot chocolate in Québec City. Generally served mid-November to mid-March, the hot chocolate recipe changes from year to year – which may be why we rush to sample each year’s recipe as soon as it is available.

Served in a white porcelain pitcher, the hot chocolate at Bar Artefact is said to serve four people, but honestly, we can drink an entire pitcher ourselves. Served with cookies or other sweet treats, the cheese platter is even better.


$18 CAD / pitcher


8, rue Saint-Antoine


Daily 11am–11pm

Érico Chocolaterie

If you're looking for the best hot chocolate in Quebec City, then you definitely need to go to Éricos!

Tied for the top spot on our best hot chocolate in Québec City each year is Érico, a chocolatier in the neighbourhood of Saint-Jean-Baptiste. Creating fine chocolate using high-quality cacao beans, as well as local ingredients, Érico is one of our favourite stops whenever we are smacked with a chocolate craving.

The hot chocolate menu at Érico’s features 10 different options. Each one is sex in a cup, but our absolute fav is the Décadent which has three different chocolates and two different high-quality cocoa powders.


Under $10 CAD


634, rue Saint-Jean


Mon–Wed 10:30am–6pm, Thu–Fri 10:30am–9pm, Sun 11am–6pm

Chocolaterie Christophe Morel

Decadence at Christophe Morel:  Finding the best hot chocolate in Quebec City!

An exciting new addition to Old Québec City, Chocolaterie Christophe Morel (CM) is located just inside the doors for Maison Kent, close to Château Frontenac. Bright and airy with large windows, exposed stone, and white walls CM has shelves filled with chocolate-covered treats and biscuits. Coolers keep artfully designed chocolate cool and ready to be enjoyed.

The highlight, in our opinion, is their thick rich hot chocolate. Choose to enjoy inside, or take it to go. Honestly, it is DAMN GOOD!


$5.75 CAD


25, rue Saint-Louis


Mon–Wed 8:30am–8pm, Thu–Sun 8:30am–9pm

La Maison Smith

Yummy hot chocolate at La Maison Smith in Old Quebec City

La Maison Smith has been one of our favourite cafes in Québec City for several years. Starting off in Place-Royale, there are now locations in Old Québec City (Upper Town), Limoilou, Saint-Sacrement, and Île d’Orléans. Each cafe has a similar style, rustic chic, and serves up a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and wraps.

But we go for the hot chocolate, which has definitely improved over the last couple of years. It is not as thick as the hot chocolate found at Bar Artefact, Érico or CM, but it is just as rich and tasty!


$4–$8 CAD, depending on size


23, rue Notre-Dame


Mon–Wed & Sun 7am–8pm, Thu–Sat 7am–9pm

Cafe Saint-Henri

Hot Chocolate at Cafe Saint-Henri

A busy cafe with floor to ceiling windows, communal tables, and third-wave coffee, Cafe Saint-Henri is a go-to for students, freelancers, and anyone craving delicious artisanal donuts. The wifi is free and the vibe is cozy. An ideal spot to relax or work remotely.

While the donuts are divine, the hot chocolate is pretty damn good too. It’s not too rich, and not thick. A lovely choice if you’re looking for a satisfying cup of hot chocolate that won’t leave you wanting to book a dentist appointment afterwards.


Under $6 CAD


849, rue Saint-Joseph Est


Mon–Fri 7am–9pm, Sat–Sun 8am–7pm


Decadent and rich chocolat chaud from Chocolato in Saint-Roch

This Québec-only chocolate heaven is quickly spreading through Québec City. While many will likely visit the Chocolato in Old Québec City, the one in Saint-Roch (380, rue de la Couronne) is also worth a visit. On the menu, you’ll find everything from sundaes and fondues to chocolate-dipped cones, sweet pizzas (basically, beavertails), and hot chocolate (chocolat chaud). In fact, there are 20 different chocolat chauds to choose from!!

In our opinion, the best is their chocolat noir 70%. It is decadent, deep, and just rich enough. While cups come in small, medium, and large, the most you’ll probably want is a medium. Honestly, this is real chocolate mixed with milk, it’s rich and quite filling!


$4.50 – $6.99 CAD


1015, rue Saint-Jean (Vieux-Québec)


Daily 10am–10pm

Maelstrom Saint-Roch

Hot chocolate and croissants at Maelstrom Saint-Roch

Located in a quiet section of the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch, Maelstrom is known for serving coffee and energizing eats during the day and turning into a cocktail bar at night. The decor is comfy, worn wooden floors and mismatched tables and chairs, free wifi, and cold brew coffee are just some of the things we adore about Maelstrom.

The hot chocolate is just rich enough to be completely satisfying. Yum!


Under $6 CAD


181, Saint-Vallier Est


Mon–Wed & Sun 7am–11pm, Thu–Fri 7am–1am, Sat 9am–1am

Le Chic Shack

Boozy hot chocolate at Le Chic Shack in Old Quebec City

Located in Old Québec City’s Upper Town, Le Chic Shack often has line-ups outside during the busy season. They do, after all, serve up some savoury burgers and gourmet poutines (which should not be missed!).

Let’s face it, we go for the burgers and poutine too. But, we also go for their hot chocolate! Rich and decadent, the hot chocolate at Le Chic Shack can also be turned into a boozy hot chocolate. Honestly, on a really cold winter day, those boozy hot chocolates are #lifegoals!


Under $6 CAD


15, rue du Fort


Daily 11am–9pm

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