Cafés are at the heart of French culture and found throughout Quebec. From small family-run cafés serving decent coffee and plates of Croque Monsieur, to stunningly beautiful cafés serving third-wave coffee, buttery pastries, and healthy repas made with Quebec terroir.

Here, you’ll find our favourite Montreal and Quebec City coffee shops and tea shops, cafés that are perfect for relaxing with an espresso and a book, or doing a little work.

Tommy Cafe one of the best cafes in Montreal

6 of the Best Cafes in Montréal

Montréal is known by many as the cafe capital of Canada. The word cafe is French, after all, and the city’s proud European heritage speaks strongly through its thriving coffee and pastry culture. Whether you’re...

The Best Hot Chocolate in Québec City

Finding the best hot chocolate in Québec City is a constant goal. Let’s face it, hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) is LIFE, especially the really good stuff. And no, we are not talking about the stuff you buy from...

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