The Best Épiceries in Old Québec City

Best Épiceries and Comptoirs in Old Quebec City

Last Updated on January 17, 2021 by Pamela

Choosing Québec City food to buy for a picnic or souvenir can be quite enjoyable if you visit the right épicerie or comptoir!

An épicerie is not the same as a corner convenience store (these are called dépanneur) and not quite a grocery store, it’s the glorious in-between. A good épicerie will have Québec City food by local producers, craft beer, wine, cheese, bread, and some non-perishables. Basically, everything one would need for a picnic!

A comptoir is similar to a lunch counter and often features Québec City food made with fresh local ingredients. A variety of yummy comfort and gourmet morsels.

Here are the BEST épiceries and comptoirs for Yummy Québec City Food!

Trouvailles de Jules

Trouvailles de Jules in Old Quebec City

Situated next to the artist alley on rue Sainte-Anne, Trouvailles de Québec is one of the BEST épiceries in Old Québec City for Québec terroir. Inside you’ll find shelves lined with everything from artisanale maple syrup to preserves, spice mixtures, teas, wines, charcuterie, and pottery. All of which are produced in the province of Québec.

Perfect spot whether you’re looking for picnic supplies or wanting to take home from Québec terroir as souvenirs.

Neighbourhood: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) • Address: 22, rue Sainte-Anne

Fou du Bio [CLOSED AUG 2020]

Cheese and charcuterie at Fou du Bio in Place-Royale, Quebec City
Cheese and charcuterie at Fou du Bio in Place-Royale

Located on a cobblestoned walking street in Place-Royale, Fou du Bio is one of the best épiceries and comptoirs in Old Quebec City. Shop for souvenirs made by Quebec artists, buy a bottle of locally produced wine and stock up on goodies for a picnic.

A glass case located near the door features local cheese and charcuterie, as well as terrines, baguette sandwiches and meals made fresh by the owner, Anthony Lauriot. Bread is delivered daily by a local baker and sells out quickly.

Neighbourhood: Place-RoyaleAddress: 20, rue Saint-Pierre

ChezBoulay – Comptoir Boréal

Comptoir Boréal, an épicerie in Old Quebec City

A small but deliciously awesome spot beside Hôtel Manoir Victoria, Comptoir Boréal is a café and comptoir. An extension of Chez Boulay restaurant, the Québec City food found here leans towards boréal cuisine which is mostly wild game, fish, berries, and herbs. Order lunch to enjoy here or pick up a prepared meal to go, along with a delicious dessert (if the sugar tart is available, go for it!). Everything is made fresh daily using as many local ingredients as possible.

Neighbourhood: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) • Address: 42, Côte du Palais

Épicerie Richard

Épicerie Richard on rue des Jardins in Old Quebec City

Épicerie Richard is located in upper town close to Fairmont Château Frontenac on rue des Jardins. A decent size, this is one of our favourite épiceries for picnic goodies in Old Québec City as there is always a small selection of fresh produce, a decent array of non-perishables, charcuterie, cheese, and other snacks. Épicerie Richard is also an SAQ outlet, which means they carry a small number of spirits, along with wine and Québec craft beer.

Neighbourhood: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) • Address: 42, rue des Jardins

Épicerie de la Rue Couillard

Épicerie de la Rue Couillard

Tucked down a quiet street, Épicerie de la Rue Couillard is quite tiny. That being said, they have a selection of good wines and Québec craft beer, as well as cheese, charcuterie, fancy mustards, and jellies. A small comptoir located just inside the door makes delicious sandwiches on fresh baguettes.

Neighbourhood: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) • Address: 27, rue Couillard

Marché d’Emma

Marché d'Emma on rue Sainte-Ursule in Old QuebecCity

Located on rue Sainte-Ursule, across the street from the HI Québec City hostel, Marché d’Emma is a fabulous épicerie. Due to its close proximity to the hostel, the épicerie owner has done her best to stock everything from frozen meals and Québec craft beer to fresh produce, and non-perishables such as pasta, sauces, cereals, and more. Fresh baguettes from Paillard are available daily, however, they can sell out quickly.

Neighbourhood: Old Québec City (Vieux-Québec) • Address: 17, rue Sainte-Ursule


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