Pamela MacNaughtan

Hello, I'm Pamela! I'm a travel and food writer, chocolat chaud addict, an anglophone who prefers life in Quebec. When I'm not working on Urban Guide Quebec, I am writing about Quebec City, travelling, updating guidebooks, and writing freelance! There's a good chance I'm planning my next Quebec road trip, got tips?
Noctem Artisans Brasseurs in Saint-Roch

Quebec City Beer: Noctem Artisans Brasseurs

A little girl is playing hopscotch on the large black tiled floor of Noctem Artisans Brasseurs in Saint-Roch as I sip a 5oz glass of Milkshake IPA. It’s my first…

helpful french words and phrases

34 Helpful & Fun French Words and Phrases

You don’t have to speak fluent French in Quebec City, but knowing some French words and phrases is helpful. Here are the basics, and some Québécois sayings.

Ambre Bistro Bar in Cap-Rouge

Ambre Bistro Bar in Cap-Rouge

I recently trekked out to Cap-Rouge to try Ambre Bistro Bar. As someone who lives on the edges of Old Quebec, venturing out to Cap-Rouge is something I *might* do…

women-owned businesses in quebec city

A Love For All Things Women-Owned in Quebec City

In Quebec City women-owned restaurants, cafés, épiceries and boutiques – many of which support women artisans and producers – can be found in almost every neighbourhood. As a woman, I…

Louise Taverne in Old Port Quebec City

Have You Dined at Louise Taverne?

Louise Taverne is connected to Hôtel Port Royal in Old Port (Vieux-Port), which is one of the reasons why I waited so long to dine there. It is slightly ridiculous,…

Le Fin Gourmet in Saint-Sauveur

A Tantalizing Meal at Le Fin Gourmet

I will remember the grilled morels and tarragon cream sauce from Le Fin Gourmet for the rest of my life. This restaurant in Saint-Sô is a can’t-miss.