Guided tours are one of the best ways to begin your time in a destination, even if you have visited in the past. From history and culture to food and photography, there are plenty of tours to choose from in Quebec City and Montreal. These are the ones we’ve tried!

Fabulous Saint-Roch Beer Tour in Quebec City

A Fabulous Saint-Roch Beer Tour!

If you were to ask around about the most famous liquid in Québec City, you’d probably hear a lot about maple syrup or maybe poutine gravy. But in the cool neighbourhood of Saint-Roch, it’s beer that reigns supreme, and...

Quebec Wineries: Ile d’Orleans Wine Tour

Warm sunny days are the perfect backdrop for an Ile d’Orleans wine tour. The sun warming your skin as you admire the spectacular winery views, and contemplating how many bottles of wine you can buy before it looks like...

Evening Gourmet Tour in Quebec City, Canada

Evening Gourmet Tour, A Decadent Food Tour

It’s true, a Québec City food tour is one of the best ways to begin your culinary exploration of this charming historic city, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This month I tried the Evening Gourmet Tour, a gourmet...

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