SuperFrancoFête 2024

SuperFrancoFête: A francophonie music fest!

Last Updated on May 15, 2024 by Pamela MacNaughtan

SuperFrancoFête is returning for a third year this August, and it’s going to be spectacular. Imagine, 10 nights of incredible music by French-speaking artists, spanning a variety of genres, from Canada and around the globe. It’s a celebration of French-speaking music from several countries, cultures, and generations. 

“Sing and dance in French!” What pride to help establish Quebec, the accent of America, as a leader in the French-speaking world with this new festival – SuperFrancoFête. Spanning nearly ten evenings, its enriched programming will take participants on a journey across the French-speaking world. In addition, it will allow Quebec and its enchanting setting to shine on the international scene thanks to global broadcasting on the largest television networks, thus celebrating the richness of the French language and its precious cultural heritage.
Sylvain Parent-Bédard, President, CEO, and Founder

What is SuperFrancoFête?

In 2022, it was a single-night event with a budget of $3 million. The following year, the budget was doubled and two nights were added. In 2024, it is a full-blown music festival stretching over 10 nights, with a budget of $13 million.

Where Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) is big and boisterous with a mixture of global superstar and indie performances, SuperFrancoFête is refined, electric, and celebratory. It’s a festival showcasing the best of French-speaking music, across genres, generations, and countries.

It allows Quebec and its enchanting framework to radiate on the international stage, thanks to a worldwide broadcast on the largest francophone television networks, thus celebrating the richness of the French language, and its precious cultural heritage as well. 
Sylvain Parent-Bédard, President, CEO, and Founder

Quebec City is the birthplace of French North America, a perfect backdrop for a music festival celebrating the best of French-speaking music.

2024 Program

The program for the 2024 edition of SuperFrancoFête brings together hundreds of French-speaking artists from places like Canada, France and Africa. The 45th-anniversary performance of Starmania on the 23rd of August is highly recommended. It tells the story of the relationship between Quebec and France through music, often with comedic undertones.

Other performances for SuperFrancoFête include:

Samian - SuperFrancoFête


An Anishinaabe rapper from Pikogan in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Samian‘s first single, La Paix des Braves, debuted in 2006. His first album, Face à soi-même, was released the following year. Samian has acted in Hochelaga, Land of Souls, and his album, Nikamo (2023), is entirely in Anishinaabemowin. Samian will be presenting La Paix des Braves, a must-see.

Roxane Bruneau

Roxanne, a rapper from Montreal’s south shore, is taking the Quebec music scene by storm. Roxane‘s first two albums went GOLD, and the third, Submergé (2023), reached number 1 in Quebec. In 2024, Roxane appears as a judge on La Voix, the Quebec version of The Voice.

Roxane Brouneau - SuperFrancoFête
Véronic Dicaire - SuperFrancoFête
Patrick Bruel - SuperFranceFête
BlackM - SuperFrancoFête

This incredible night of French-speaking music features 100 artists from around the globe. Enjoy performances by Véronic Dicaire, Patrick Bruel and BlackM ( who also performs on 29 August at L’Impérial Bell). The night will also feature artists like Isabelle Boulay, Waahli, Samian, Roxane Bruneau, M. Pokora, Mentissa, Natasha St-Pier, Nuit Incolore and more.

M.Pokora - SuperFrancoFête

M. Pokora

For 20 years, M. Pokora has been commanding stages in France with electrifying techo-futuristic shows. He’s a Pop and R&B singer who got his start in a boy band – Linkup. His album R.E.D (2015) was number 1 in France. His new single, Chez toi, chez moi, is delightful.


Mentissa has a lovely story. Originally from Belgium, the singer competed on The Voice Kids in 2014. Six years later, she competed on The Voice France and finished in 3rd. It was her single, Et Bam, in 2021 that shot her career forward. Her album, La vingtaine, is so so good.


IAM is the first French rap group to release an album. They hail from Marseilles, and their music often addresses themes like racism, urban violence, and social injustices. They started in 1989 when demos were on cassette (love it). Many of their songs have themes that reference ancient Egypt. They’ve collaborated with Wu-Tang Clan for many years. HHHistory is their newest album.


A Congolese-French rapper, GIMS launched his solo career in 2013 (before this he was a member of Sexion d’Assaut). His first album, Subliminal, sold millions of copies. He’s collaborated with several artists over the years, including Sia, Pitbull, and Stromae. His song, Reste, with Sting, was a massive success, garnering 95 million views on YouTube.

(images courtesy of SuperFrancoFête)


Passes for SuperFrancoFête are quite reasonable. Tickets for the 2024 edition are on sale NOW, and increase in price as the festival gets closer.

75 CAD – 15 May to 10 June
90 CAD – 11 June to 9 August
120 CAD – 10th to 31st of August

Tickets can be purchased on the SuperFrancoFête website.

Where is SuperFrancoFête?

SuperFrancoFête takes place at L’Agora du Port de Québec. It’s an outdoor amphitheatre next door to Café du Monde and the Port 22 cruise terminal.

Spend a night (or more!) in Quebec City for SuperFrancoFête!