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Yay, it’s vacation time and you’re flying into the Quebec City airport. Sure, Jean Lesage International Airport is small, but that just means the fun can begin sooner.

There are a couple of ways to get from the Quebec City airport to Old Quebec, so let’s go over them.

Taking a taxi from the Quebec City airport to downtown

When you walk outside a line of taxis can be seen near the international arrivals doors. To get a taxi, join the line and wait your turn.

A taxi ride from the Quebec City airport to downtown takes around 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Taxi rates between the airport and downtown are fixed, so no need to stress if you get stuck in traffic.

What is considered downtown Quebec City?

Quebec City airport - area considered downtown by taxi
Downtown Quebec City

In terms of taxi fares from the Quebec City airport, downtown includes the neighbourhoods of Limoilou, Saint-Roch, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montcalm (part), Old Quebec, Place-Royale, Petit-Champlain, Cap-Blanc, and Old Port.

Taxi rates

Daytime (5 am to 11 pm) – 41.40 CAD
Night (11 pm to 5 am) – 47.60 CAD

If you’re travelling to the Ste-Foy area, the rates are as follows:
Daytime: 18.15 CAD
Night: 20.85 CAD

A fee of 0.90 CAD plus GST & QST is added to the rates listed above. Tipping your driver is extra, and recommended.

Will my taxi driver speak English?

Quebec is a French-speaking province, but it’s possible to find locals who can speak a little English.

A lot of taxi drivers can speak a little English, but not all. As long as you can say the address of where you’re going, things should be fine. If the driver only speaks French, showing them your destination on Google Maps is a big help.

What if I leave something in the taxi?

A good practice is to take a photo of the taxi number, and if visible, the driver’s ID card. Some taxi companies like Taxi Co-op have an operator who speaks English. You can ask in English, but it’s nice to say “Parlez-vous anglais?” instead.

Uber in Quebec City

Uber users will be happy to know it’s available in Quebec City. Vehicles can hold 4 to 6 people, and the average 13-minute ride costs about 22 CAD. You’ll need to use the Uber app to request a driver when you arrive at the Quebec City airport.

Taking a bus from the Quebec City airport to downtown

If you’re on a tight budget or not in a rush to get to your hotel in downtown Quebec City, taking the bus is an option. Two bus routes serve Jean Lesage International Airport (YQB), buses 76 and 80.

Which bus route do I take?

Bus 76 travels between the Quebec City airport and the VIA Rail train station in Ste-Foy.

Bus 80 travels between the airport and Place Jacques Cartier in Saint-Roch. If you’re staying in a hotel in Old Quebec, this is the bus to take.

At Place Jacques Cartier ask for a transfer and walk to the bus stop one block over on boulevard Charest to take Bus 1 towards Cap-Blanc. This takes you to Old Port, Place-Royale, and Petit-Champlain.

If you’re staying in Upper Town, ride Bus 1 for four stops and get off at Gare Palais. Cross the street and take Bus 11 to Old Quebec’s Upper Town.

You’ll need to buy another ticket for this route, so before you leave the airport, buy two bus tickets at the discounted fare.

Alternatively, from Place Jacques Cartier take Bus 800 from the corner of boulevard Charest and rue de la Couronne towards Ste-Foy. Ride the bus to Place d’Youville in Old Quebec’s Upper Town and walk the rest of the way to your hotel.

How much is a bus ticket?

Buying bus tickets at the Quebec City airport, Jean Lesage International Airport.
Bus ticket vending machine at the Quebec City airport

Bus fare can be purchased in advance from the machine above or onboard. Tickets bought on the machine are 3.40 CAD for a single ticket. The bus fare purchased onboard is 3.75 CAD (correct change only).

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, remember to double-check that you have all of your belongings, have your destination address ready, and relax. You’re in Quebec City, fun times await!

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