The nightlife culture differs from Quebec City to Montreal, and regions throughout the province. In Montreal, the nightlife scene is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with plenty of speakeasies, clubs, bars, and pubs to keep you entertained.

In Quebec City, the nightlife scene is a little more laidback. You won’t find dance clubs, other than Le Drague Cabaret Club, but there are plenty of bars, pubs, and micro-breweries.

Tommy Cafe one of the best cafes in Montreal

6 of the Best Cafes in Montréal

Montréal is known by many as the cafe capital of Canada. The word cafe is French, after all, and the city’s proud European heritage speaks strongly through its thriving coffee and pastry culture. Whether you’re...

Monsieur Cocktail: Make Cocktails At Home

It’s the holiday season, and kicking it off with a cocktail gift box from Monsieur Cocktail is absolute perfection for those of us who adore a deliciously tasty cocktail from time to time. If you’re from...

Fabulous Saint-Roch Beer Tour in Quebec City

A Fabulous Saint-Roch Beer Tour!

If you were to ask around about the most famous liquid in Québec City, you’d probably hear a lot about maple syrup or maybe poutine gravy. But in the cool neighbourhood of Saint-Roch, it’s beer that reigns supreme, and...

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