BBQ at L'Orygine Bistro in Place Royale

Indulge in Delicious BBQ at l’Orygine!

Last Updated on December 18, 2023 by Pamela MacNaughtan

Update: This dining experience is no longer offered

From the comforts of my apartment in Place-Royale, which faces Côte de la Montagne, the smell of BBQ wafts through my open windows. As someone who loves BBQ, the smell is a tad tortuous when it begins before noon each day.

Newly opened this year, the BBQ is located in Place de Paris, at the back L’Origyne Bistro. Last year, this area was filled with seating for those wishing to enjoy frozen treats from Kerrmess, an ice cream shop, often serving frozen creations made with locally grown ingredients.

A nice place to enjoy an ice cream, but with the seating available in Place de Paris, the space was a bit meh.

The transformation from ice cream patio to BBQ pit by Groupe la Tanière (the gastronomic minds behind Légend Restaurant boréal, Tanière 3, L’Orygine Bistro, Kerrmess, and Bobu Café), is an exciting one for a neighbourhood which lacks decent BBQ options.

the food

Burger at the BBQ at L'Orygine Bistro in Place-Royale
I was too excited, and my camera focused on the wrong part of the burger. Oops!

The menu is small; featuring a chuck burger, Philly cheesesteak, chili cheese dog, fried chicken, and grilled pork ribs. Sides offered are fries and bacon, broccoli salad, and cornbread. While mains are $12 – $16, the sides are all under $5.

On my first visit, ordering the burger (Le Fameux Burger à “Chuck”) was a must. Served on a potato burger bun, the burger has enough seasoning to intrigue your tongue. Add the thick slices of smoked brisket, and smokey cheddar cheese and your tastebuds will be delighted.

The potato bread bun was a little dry, but the flavour of the burger itself made up for it. I’ve heard other had buns which were quite good, so it was likely an off day. Which is normal from time to time in the restaurant industry.

As excited as I was about the BBQ burger at L’Orygine Bistro, I was equally excited by the words “Quartiers de pomme de terre Frits & bacon“. I love fries, and bacon, it’s basically the perfect marriage. The only thing that would ruin this holy union is if the potatoes were soft on the outside.

Happily, the fries are crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and as I write this I want to walk back across the street and order more.

The Philly Steak Sandwich was made with slices of perfectly cooked beef brisket, cheese, onion compote, and grilled jalapeño. It’s a big sandwich, especially if you get full quickly, like myself. That being said, it was quite tasty, and I will definitely be ordering it again in the future.

I paired (heh, not sure I can say that but who cares!) the Philly steak sandwich with a grilled broccoli Caesar salad. Served with crispy pancetta and shavings of parmesan cheese, the salad was quite good. Although, I think it would have been better if the broccoli had a little crunch to it.

Philly Steak sandwich at L'Orygine in Place-Royale
Philly Steak sandwich
Grilled broccoli Caesar salad at L'Orygine is quite tasty
Grilled broccoli Caesar salad

The fried chicken was my next meal choice, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I love a good piece of fried chicken (I often make my own and have fried chicken sandwiches with mayo and dill pickles).
  2. a couple of people have said they heard the fried chicken was too soft.

While that may convince some to skip the chicken, I wanted to give it a go myself and see just how good, or meh it is. And, of course, I ordered a side of cornbread as well.

Expecting a single piece of chicken (based on rumours about the limpness of the chicken), I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was chicken pieces. It makes sense, Québec seems to be having a karaage chicken moment.

A Japanese dish, karaage originated around the 1920s but became popular after WWII when Japan was experiencing food shortages. Karaage chicken is typically marinated in soy sauce, coated, and fried.

At the BBQ at L’Orygine, the chicken is prepared in a similar way, with the chicken being marinated and fried at least twice.

Fried chicken at the BBQ in Place-Royale, Quebec City
Fried chicken with a side of cornbread

If the words “Buffalo sauce” have you worried about spiciness, there is no need to worry. Honestly, I think adding more Buffalo sauce would give the chicken a nice little punch, and complemented the slight sweetness of the chicken. Eating them while they are hot is preferable as they can be a little tough once they are cold. I would definitely order them again.

the verdict

I’m hooked. The fact that I live one block away is an added bonus as well. Prior to the L’Orygine Bistro opening their BBQ pit, I would venture to Upper Town to enjoy a burger at Le Chic Shack when the craving struck. Now, I can quickly pop over to L’Orygine, grab some food to go, and enjoy it in the park or on my building’s rooftop terrace.

I will definitely order the burger, Philly steak sandwich, fried chicken, and fries again.

Honestly, I hope this is something L’Orygine continues to do as Quebec City opens up this summer. Hell, I’d love to see it return every year going forward! Of course, it will depend on whether they can secure enough staff once the restaurants are permitted to open again.

enjoy bbq at l’orygine

Enjoy BBQ at L'Orygine Bistro in Place-Royale
Indulge in BBQ gluttony in Place-Royale

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