KWE! Meet with Indigenous Peoples event in Quebec City

Celebrate KWE! with Yummy Discovery Boxes ?

Last Updated on June 15, 2021 by Pamela

June 19th – 20th, 2021

KWE! Meet Indigenous Peoples

LOCATION: Grand Marché de Québec

KWE! is a bit different this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be honest, my tastebuds are here for it!

While I would love to venture over to park across from Parliament Hill to participate in the festivities, I’m super excited to learn that the KWE Meet Indigenous Peoples event this year features culinary Discovery Boxes.

There are three themed culinary discovery boxes to choose from: gathering, hunting, and fishing. Each menu has been prepared by a local chef, as well as an Indigenous speaker. Creating an unforgettable Indigenous-inspired dining experience at home.

What’s Inside the Discovery Boxes?

Each discovery box includes Sagamité, a traditional Indigenous corn soup/stew that will warm the belly, and act as the perfect introduction to the rest of the menu. After your soup, you’ll enjoy the main dish that matches the theme of your chosen discovery box, followed by bannock bread, a sweet treat, and beverage infused with Indigenous flavours – as well as a few surprises!

Not sure which box to choose? Here are the chefs and Indigenous speakers who have prepared each menu.


Maxime Lizotte, Chef from Wigwam, creates cuisine which celebrates his Maliseet culture. Gathering and experimenting with wild plants, Lizotte creates dishes that perfectly pair ancient flavours with a modern flair.

Paired with Maxime is Arnaud Marchand, Chef of Chez Boulay in Old Québec City. Marchand is known for his exciting and mouth-watering Boréal cuisine.


Anora Collier, Chef (CHSLD Wendake), grew up surrounded by Huron-Wendat traditions and Indigenous cuisine culture. Her grandfather was Max Gros-Louis, as well known and respected chief of the Huron-Wendat community in Wendake, and shared his knowledge of hunting and fishing.

Paired with Anora is Stéphane Modat, Chef of Le Clan. Modat has dedicated himself to learning about Indigenous traditions, cuisine, and techniques. Creating superior menus.


Norma Condo, Chef (Miqmak Catering Indigenous Kitchen), comes from Gesgapegiag in Gaspésie. Creating menus inspired by Miqmak traditions and flavours, Norma has established the first permanent Indigenous restaurant in Montréal!

Paired with Norma is François-Emmanuel Nicol, Chef at Le Tanière2. Nicol is known for using foraged ingredients such as wild mushrooms and plants to bait his catch. His menus are known for highlighting Québec’s culinary diversity.

Order a KWE! Discovery Box!

Is your mouth watering as you contemplate the culinary delights that will be found within each box? Yeah, I definitely was, which is why I’ve ordered a Gathering Discovery Box after seeing a Facebook post by Indigenous Tourism Québec.

As we come out of COVID-19 restrictions and back into the real world, I, like many of you I suspect, am looking for new experiences. Ways to not only connect with the communities which surround me, but with local producers and artisans.

Each KWE! Discovery Box is made to serve two people and costs $60 CAD. A pretty good price for this extraordinary event.

Happy eating!