Where to Find Yummy Meal Kits in Quebec City

Where to Find Yummy Meal Kits in Quebec City

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Pamela

Food delivery and meal kits (boîte repas) have become a big part of life since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ve seen restaurants close their doors permanently, and others lean in and pivot to restaurant/marché models, offering meal kits, and locally made terroir. These little pivots have been essential to their survival, and frankly, I’m here for it!

At the beginning of the pandemic (which feels like it was 3 years ago, rather than 3 months ago) it seemed as though everyone was going back to basics and releasing their inner home chef. I mean, we didn’t have much of a choice at the time.

It was fun, at first, but also challenging as we could not quickly run to the store to pick up last-minute ingredients for a dish. Frustrating, but in a pandemic, understandable. And then we notice the emergence of meal kits in Quebec City restaurants. Oh, the joy!

It is a genius idea, providing people with gourmet meals, but in a format that allows them to cook it at home. It’s the best combination of home cooking and restaurant dining.

Where to find Meal Kits in Quebec City

Florent et fils

A boucherie located in the Grand Marché, as well as Halles Cartier, and Galeries de la Capitale. They are known for serving quality meats, so it comes as no surprise that they offer delicious meaty meal kits. They offer BBQ, Brunch, and Apéro themed meal kits, as well as Gourmet Burgers. Serving sizes vary from 2 – 10 people and the meal kits are affordably priced as well.

Order through their website. Meal kits are available for pick-up or delivery.

Le Chic Shack

Le Chic Shack has long been a favourite of mine. The burgers, the poutine, the insanely delicious salted caramel milkshake. OMG! Imagine my delight when they announced their Chic Burger meal kit. I’m a sucker for quality burgers, on fresh brioche buns (from Borderon et fils) with bacon and cheese. The Chic Burger meal kit serves 4, for just $45 CAD – that’s $11.25 per burger, far better than grabbing a Big Mac meal!

Order takeaway or delivery on their website, at the restaurant, or through delivery service apps such as UberEats and Doordash.


photo credit: Groupe Tanière

One of the first restaurants to offer meal kits in Quebec City was Tanière. Offering gourmet meals similar to those served in their restaurants (Légende, and Bistro Orygine), the kits are $165 and include 3-course meals, for 3 days, for 2 people. That breaks down to around $27.50 per person per meal, which is fabulous – especially with menus which include dishes such as duck breast with wild plum sauce, Atlantic cod, and grilled guinea fowl. Vegetarian meal kits are available, but they sell out quickly!

Menus change each week and are available for takeaway or delivery on Fridays. To order, visit their website.

Pizzeria No. 900

A Montreal-based pizzeria with three locations in Quebec City, Pizzeria No. 900 started their marché and meal kit offerings early on, beginning with their pizza kit. Genius. The pizza meal kit includes dough for 4 individual pizzas, tomato sauce, Fior di latte, and basil for $18 CAD. Other meal kits available include one for making their famous ragù sauce, and delicious pasta dinner for 4 named after Quebec rapper, Hippocampe Fou. Live on your own? They also offer individual items such as pizza dough, buffalo mozzarella, salads, wine, olive oil, and more.

Orders for takeaway or delivery can be placed through their website.

Chez Boulay

Chez Boulay, through Comptoir Boulay, began offering ready-to-cook meals (Prêt-à-manger) long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced Quebec City restaurants to adjust their business models. Their meal kits include Grill (sells out fast), as well as special meals which are similar to what they serve at the restaurant. You can also order individual dishes such as Osso Buco de Porc, lamb, meat pie, and more.

Orders for delivery and takeaway can be delivered through their website.

Les Botanistes

Located near Jean Lesage Airport, now is the perfect time to give the food at Les Botanistes a try if you don’t have a vehicle. Owned by the same team behind Chez Boulay and Restaurant Saint-Amour, the food at Les Botanistes is fresh, earthy, and delightful. They offer a different meal kit each week which serves 2 people for around $69 CAD. Looking for something different? You can order individual dishes as well.

Orders for takeaway and delivery can be made through their website.

Which meal kits in Quebec City have you enjoyed so far?