Lunch at Au Jardin Chez Muffy, an ephemeral restaurant in Québec City's Old Port neighbourhood.

Sustainable Eats at Au Jardin Chez Muffy

Last Updated on June 24, 2021 by Pamela

Summer is finally here, and Au Jardin Chez Muffy has joined Québec City’s exciting pop-up restaurant scene. A truly joyous addition to the city’s ephemeral food scene.

As we come out of (hopefully!) the COVID-19 pandemic, the food scene, much like everything else, has seen many changes. We’ve said goodbye to several restaurants across the city, which is always bittersweet, however, we have also seen several new restaurants as well.

Enter Au Jardin Chez Muffy, Auberge Saint-Antoine’s new pop-up restaurant.

This ephemeral restaurant is located in a yellow building with large red doors, an exposed wooden beam ceiling, and windows that overlook Place des Canotiers and the Saint-Lawrence River. In the 18th-century, this area was known as Îlot Hunt, which had a wharf, as well as a cannon battery.

Au Jardin Chez Muffy pop up restaurant on rue Dalhousie

Today, Îlot Hunt is a historic building attached to Auberge Saint-Antoine and used by the hotel as a special event space. An ideal location for a summertime pop-up restaurant.

The Concept

Inside Au Jardin Chez Muffy you’ll find two greenhouse-like structures with round patio lights and seating for two, a charming spot for lunch or an intimate dinner. The remainder of the indoor dining room features wooden slat patio tables and chairs, white patio lights strung across the ceiling, hanging plants, and garden-inspired accents.

Dine in a fancy looking greenhouse at Au Jardin
Greenery with a QR code, a fun way to find the menu at Au Jardin.

Partnering with Nature Québec, an organization dedicated to conserving natural ecosystems, and champions the sustainable use of Québec’s resources. Helping to lower ecological and climatic footprints. Through this partnership, Au Jardin Chez Muffy will donate $1 from every bill to Nature Québec.

In keeping with this partnership, the menu at Au Jardin features dishes made with organic ingredients grown and harvested on the hotel’s farm on île d’Orléans.

The Food

The menu is small, but focused. Comprised of small plates, it’s best to order 2-3 dishes and treat yourself to an array of flavours and textures.

Savoury dishes range in price from $8 to $19 CAD and feature at least one organic ingredient which has been grown on the farm. I opted for Oysters with leek garlic, and crispy guinea fowl tacos.

Oysters with leek garlic and roasted breadcrumbs at Au Jardin
Crispy guinea fowl tacos with green pea hummus and mint sour cream at Au Jardin

Oysters with Leek Garlic

I started off with an order of Oysters with Leek Garlic and roasted bread crumbs. It was a no-brainer for me. If there are oysters on a menu, there is a fairly good chance that I will order them.

Served warm on a bed of rock salt, these oysters did not disappoint. The slightly warmed oysters resting in garlicky juices was tantalizing, and I did my best to savour them for as long as I could. A dish I will definitely order again, and possibly share with friends – but maybe not because they are almost too good to share.

Price: $18 CAD

Crispy Guinea Fowl Tacos

I followed up the oysters with an order of guinea fowl tacos. Served on a yellow corn tortilla, with green pea hummus and mint sour cream. The guinea fowl was delightfully crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. The pea hummus was a nice compliment, however, the mint sour cream was truly a joyous discovery for my tastebuds.

While I would normally pick a taco up with my hands to eat, this one was a tad too big for that, so I opted to use a knife and fork. It was still delicious.

Price: $11 CAD

Dessert: Cheesecake with Shortbread and Rhubarb

Cheesecake with shortbread and rhubarbe at Au Jardin Chez Muffy

Choosing a dessert was slightly harder than choosing my savoury dishes. In fact, I’m tempted to return to Au Jardin Chez Muffy and order nothing but desserts and cocktails. Honestly, it will likely happen in the next week or so.

The cheesecake was creamy, with a thin crunchy shortbread cookie at its base, and the rhubarb sorbet was perfectly tart. At just $8 CAD, it is one of those desserts I would happily eat again and again and again.

Dine at Au Jardin Chez Muffy

Overall, the dining experience at Au Jardin Chez Muffy was scrumptious. Creating memorable dining experiences is something that the Price family does well (they own Auberge Saint-Antoine, as well as Le Chic Shack, Chez Muffy, Panache Mobile, and now Au Jardin Chez Muffy).

Au Jardin Chez Muffy is open all summer, June 18th, 2021 to September 6th, 2021; 12pm to 9pm. While reservations are not required, it is encouraged if you wish to dine indoors. Their patio is first come, first serve. You can make a reservation here.